Security Assessments

Compliance to set policy and regulation are particularly important in today’s environment. Internal and external factors increase demands for effective risk management and control in your organization. RRG can help you identify those specific security risks and address them appropriately.

RRG performs security risk and vulnerability assessments for a variety of facilities — from public to private. Our team of experts will partner with your organization to develop an assessment program that is tailored to your business and expectations. RRG is positioned to be available with minimum notice and costs effective results.

We provide pre-contract assessments, decommissioning assessments, assurance assessments, and general security and loss prevention assessments world-wide. Our team has significant domestic and international experience. RRG can provide assessments based on your security requirements and industry best practices. We can also assist with your mitigation plans after the assessment is complete.

Third Party Suppliers

With critical business functions being outsourced, having a Third-Party Management program is a priority. Service providers, subcontractors, and material suppliers should be vetted to reduce potential disruption of services because of hidden risk. With significant experience in partnering with organizations that utilize third party suppliers, RRG can assist in developing and implementing security risk identification and mitigation strategies for third party management programs incorporating industry best practices, regulatory and insurance requirements, and internal policies and standards. Third-Party Supplier assessments are critical for supply chain management and business continuity.

Retail and Food Services

RRG has experience performing security and safety assessments on a variety of retail and food service locations. We provide “on request” security and safety assessments or could integrate into your corporate program to provide ongoing assessments to strengthen your program. This program can be integrated with other RRG services. Our Sales Integrity and Royalty Assurance programs are a perfect complement to RRG’s Assessment Services.

Industrial Facilities 
RRG can perform security assessments on industrial facilities to ensure compliance with set security requirements or assess to determine a onetime rating. Onetime ratings allow businesses to uncover security deficiencies and devise plans for mitigating risks the deficiencies raise.

Family Law Support

Many law firms and their clients require sensitive information to get the desired results for their cases. RRG can help locate hidden assets that the client may be entitled to as part of the division of assets, spousal support and child support. We can conduct background investigations on individuals involving custody issues to help determine the safety and well-being of a child’s environment. For divorce cases, background investigations and due diligence can be conducted on the spouse and suspected paramours. In addition, background investigations can also be performed prior to investing in a personal interest.


Due Diligence

Protect yourself from hidden liabilities and other issues by conducting due diligence that goes beyond surface-level information gathering.  Our team utilizes resources that provide a detailed report identifying potential risks and issues. Our due diligence and background checks cover Assets. Liens & Judgments, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, UCC Filings, Business Affiliations, Professional Licenses, Patriot Act, Litigation & Criminal Issues, Social Media and other information.

Background Checks and Screening 

Prior to hiring any a new employee or engaging unknown personnel in any environment, a thorough but cost effective background check must be conducted. Pre-employment/pre-engagement screening is vital prior to trusting new associates with company assets. RRG offers cost-effective screening programs that are tailored to your type of business or personal situation. A report can cover criminal & civil cases, liens & judgments, bankruptcy, social media,  current address & address history and other information.

Witness & Personnel Locating

Whether you need help locating a witness or an address for an individual that requires service of process, RRG can help. Quite often individuals that are important to pending litigation may have a new address or moved out of the area. In addition, RRG can locate beneficiaries and heirs related to estate management.

Asset Discovery

RRG can help locate hidden assets that you or your client may be entitled to as part of contractual agreements, legal action or other situations. Our investigators use legal techniques not generally available to the public to search for assets such as bank & brokerage accounts, property and other assets. In compliance with federal legislation, all information developed in the course of these investigations is obtained in a legal, ethical, and professional manner. RRG conducts investigations in full compliance with applicable laws including Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and privacy laws.

GPS Tracking

With cargo, property and employee theft on the rise, companies need to know the location their assets at all times. RRG utilizes current GPS Tracking technology to provide a cost effective solution for continuous Real Time surveillance requirements.  The technology can used to track merchandise & materials, company vehicles, personal property and executive protection.

Internal Investigations

Whether it’s in a corporate setting, small business, industrial facility, retail or restaurant environment, our team of investigators can help.  RRG specializes in identifying employee theft and fraud in corporations, franchises, small businesses and non-profits. In addition, RRG can investigate company policy violations, time theft, misuse of company assets  and abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Our investigations also provide root-cause analysis of any identified fraud, theft or policy violation and a comprehensive report providing relevant observations and recommendations for mitigating any identified risks or opportunities.

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Investigations

RRG can provide unbiased investigations involving Sexual Harassment and Discrimination claims or allegations. We can conduct a thorough and documented investigation into the incident to help prove or disprove an allegation. In addition, RRG can review current organizational  Discrimination & Sexual Harassment policies and upgrade or create if necessary.

Fraud Awareness & Scam Prevention Training

RRG can provide fraud awareness training to your staff, customers and/or third party vendors. We can provide tools to help identify trending frauds attacking businesses and individuals.

Sales Integrity & Franchisee Fraud

Royalty Assurance

Most franchise-based operations rely on royalty and advertising fees from their franchisee as a large portion of their income. A considerable amount of these payments are percentage-based. Franchisees who wish to increase their personal income and lower the amount paid to the franchisor may simply lower the weekly/monthly sales amount reported. For each franchise business with $800,000 in annual sales and under reporting of 10% of sales with a 6% royalty may lose $4,800 per incident.

Our research shows that those who wish to defraud the parent organization by hiding sales develop complex schemes that are not easy to detect with simple audits and other basic sales assurance measures. RRG’s strategy for detecting these schemes has been proven successful with millions of dollars returned to our clients.

Benefits of a Royalty Assurance Program

  •  Income from restitution collected from willful sales under reporting
  •  Gradual increase of reported sales through the halo effect
  •  Additional fee-based income
  •  Long-term confidence in accurate reporting of sales
  •  Stronger brand integrity
  •  Overall improved performance

Covert Video Surveillance

Numerous types of under-reporting practices take place in all retail and food service environments. Transactions not processed through a cash register, underpriced or rung, sweet-hearted, etc. can be documented using covert video. The ability to capture this activity is paramount and can be used to prove cases of employee theft, Franchise under reporting, free merchandise, skimming, sweet-hearting and other sales integrity issues.

Shopping Services 

Several organizations offer Mystery Shopping services to restaurants, bars, stores, etc. These organizations simply offer services on employee courtesy, store cleanliness and a sales receipt. Associates of RRG offer these same types of services, along with years of experience of detecting areas of potential sales under reporting and internal theft opportunities. In addition, RRG can utilize covert video to document any observed events.

Brand Integrity

With huge increase in counterfeit goods infiltrating markets, business can reduce losses by investigating, documenting, and pursuing litigation against business or individuals selling knock-offs of their products. RRG can shop the suspected business and document the sale of unauthorized counterfeited goods. Additionally, RRG can verify that legitimate businesses are following agreed upon contracts and requirements pertaining to the client’s products.

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